opusfile  0.12-12-gb23e611
Stand-alone decoder library for .opus files.
Error Codes

List of possible error codes

Many of the functions in this library return a negative error code when a function fails.

This list provides a brief explanation of the common errors. See each individual function for more details on what a specific error code means in that context.

#define OP_FALSE   (-1)
 A request did not succeed.
#define OP_EOF   (-2)
 Currently not used externally.
#define OP_HOLE   (-3)
 There was a hole in the page sequence numbers (e.g., a page was corrupt or missing).
#define OP_EREAD   (-128)
 An underlying read, seek, or tell operation failed when it should have succeeded.
#define OP_EFAULT   (-129)
 A NULL pointer was passed where one was unexpected, or an internal memory allocation failed, or an internal library error was encountered.
#define OP_EIMPL   (-130)
 The stream used a feature that is not implemented, such as an unsupported channel family.
#define OP_EINVAL   (-131)
 One or more parameters to a function were invalid.
#define OP_ENOTFORMAT   (-132)
 A purported Ogg Opus stream did not begin with an Ogg page, a purported header packet did not start with one of the required strings, "OpusHead" or "OpusTags", or a link in a chained file was encountered that did not contain any logical Opus streams.
#define OP_EBADHEADER   (-133)
 A required header packet was not properly formatted, contained illegal values, or was missing altogether.
#define OP_EVERSION   (-134)
 The ID header contained an unrecognized version number.
#define OP_ENOTAUDIO   (-135)
 Currently not used at all.
#define OP_EBADPACKET   (-136)
 An audio packet failed to decode properly. More...
#define OP_EBADLINK   (-137)
 We failed to find data we had seen before, or the bitstream structure was sufficiently malformed that seeking to the target destination was impossible.
#define OP_ENOSEEK   (-138)
 An operation that requires seeking was requested on an unseekable stream.
#define OP_EBADTIMESTAMP   (-139)
 The first or last granule position of a link failed basic validity checks.

Detailed Description

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#define OP_EBADPACKET   (-136)

An audio packet failed to decode properly.

This is usually caused by a multistream Ogg packet where the durations of the individual Opus packets contained in it are not all the same.