libopus 1.5.1

Opus 1.5 is the first release to make extended use of ML in the encoder and decoder. You can read all the details in this release demo page. In summary, major changes since 1.4 include:

  • Significant improvement to packet loss robustness using Deep Redundancy (DRED)
  • Improved packet loss concealment through Deep PLC
  • Low-bitrate speech quality enhancement down to 6 kb/s wideband
  • Improved x86 (AVX2) and Arm (Neon) optimizations
  • Support for 4th and 5th order ambisonics

In addition to the improvements above, this release includes many minor bug fixes. Opus 1.5.1 fixes the meson build that was broken in 1.5.

Source code: opus-1.5.1.tar.gz
SHA256: b84610959b8d417b611aa12a22565e0a3732097c6389d19098d844543e340f85