libopus 1.3-beta

This Opus 1.3-beta beta release of the upcoming Opus 1.3 includes:

  • Enabling by default the spec fixes in RFC 8251
  • Improvements to the VAD and speech/music classification using an RNN
  • Improvements to stereo speech coding at low bitrate
  • Added support for ambisonics projection using mapping 3 (disabled by default)
  • Fixes to the CELT PLC

Additionally, as a way to test the upcoming update to opus-tools, we’re providing Windows binaries built with 1.3-beta. These binaries are based on libopusenc, which means opusenc is finally able to make use of the Opus delayed-decision feature to make better speech/music transitions.

Source code: opus-1.3-beta.tar.gz
Win32 binaries (experimental):